Straddle Trader Pro – News Trading EA

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Straddle Trader Pro is a new software which will allow you to straddle trade the market completely automatic. Let’s first talk a bit about straddle trading.

Straddle Trader Pro

Straddle Trading is not a new trading strategy. It’s been around for a long time, and as any other news trading strategy, this has been obviously been affected by the brokers actions against news traders. Straddle Trading is a strategy which I used to practice manually in the beginning when I started out trading forex. Back then, this used to work like a charm, but over the years this has become increasingly difficult, specially with a manual approach.

Straddle Trader Pro – News Trading

Straddle Trading Pro is a news trading EA. Basically Straddle Trading is a news trading strategy which in essence is based on placing two pending orders right before a news release which is expected to move the market significantly. By placing a buy stop and sell stop order close to the market level a few seconds before the release, one of them will get triggered once the news is released and spikes in one direction or the other. This way, you basically don’t need to know anything about forex trading, besides being able to place these two pending orders, in order to be able to profit from forex trading.

Straddle Trader Pro – Expert Advisor

Obviously, as with any other news trading strategy, this has been affected by increased spreads, re-quotes, slippage, etc. However, it is still a viable strategy, with the right approach. One of the ways to do this is with the upcoming Straddle Trader Pro, which will take care of the entire process completely automatic. Straddle Trader Pro will place the two orders before the news, apply profit targets, automatically close the order which doesn’t get triggered, close both orders if there is no deviation, etc.
I have seen other Straddle Trading expert advisors, but nothing which comes close to Straddle Trader Pro. One of the prime reasons why this will be a killer product is because it is customized in such a way that is works with a news feed, so it instantly knows if there has been a deviation or not, hence able to close out both orders if the needed deviation isn’t reached.

News trading can be a tough challenge, but if mastered is one of the great ways to trade the market in that you only have to be in front of the screen for a couple of minutes and you know exactly at what time of the day it is. And with Straddle Trader Pro, the entire process is completely automated. Read more about Straddle Trader Pro right here.

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