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Posted on 12. Nov, 2009 by in How To, Random Noise

A currency meter can be a great advantage when trading the forex market. There are several commercial versions of currency meters on the market, all in the price range of some hundred dollars. A currency meter will basically tell you which currencies are strong and which ones are week. A first sight it might be difficult to see the true benefit of this, but it can be a great advantage when you learn to fully utilize it. Henry Liu is a forex trader who is specialized in news trading, and is known for his popular eBook “Newsprofiteer”. Henry Liu is currently in the process of a developing a new service, and in order to promote it efficiently, he has developed a free currency meter. Obviously it has a few ads, but besides from that, it is free. He has also made a short video, where he explains exactly how to use the currency meter. The only thing you need in order to use the currency meter, is MetaTrader 4 (also free). Go here and grab the free currency meter, and check out the video so you will know who this can help you in becoming a better trader.

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