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In some recent posts I have highlighted the benefits of using Forex Factory as a source for forex trading information – a site which often is neglected due to new promising social forex trading sites entering this space on a regular basis.

Forex Factory – More than a Calendar

Forex Factory is a lot more than just a useful calendar for forex traders. Specially the forum over at Forex Factory has a lot of interesting information. One of sections on the forum named Trading Systems should be explored by traders who continuously follow new commercial forex products and services.

Forex Factory – Free Trading Systems

A lot of traders share their trading systems completely free of charge and participate heavily in the discussion in order to further optimize the shared idea. What quickly comes to mind when you visit this section is that traders sharing their system, has developed this for their own needs – often you will find these systems adopted by marketers selling them with a different name of minor alterations for a heavy price.

You don’t always have to pay up, in order to get a good working trading system. The Trading Systems section over at Forex Factory has a lot of really interesting threads.
If we sort the results in this section by replies we find the following systems with the most replies:

Sonic R. System – Replies: 34,665
THV System – Replies: 23,743
Trade What You See – Almost Naked Trading – Replies: 18,114

I have quickly gone through the main posts on these three systems, and there is a lot of information shared, completely free of charge. If you still search for the holy grail, put the though down for a minute, realize that fairly good system will do and that this is available, right now, free of charge.

Forex Factory – Join in

I guess I don’t need to tell you this anymore but there is a ton of useful information on Forex Factory. So hear over to Forex Factory´s Forum, take a look at these systems and get started.

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